C is a general-purpose high level language which has been closely associated with the UNIX operating system for which it was developed. The UNIX operating system and most of the programs that run it are written in C.

Many of the ideas of C have taken from the language BCPL, which was developed by Martin Richards. The influence of BCPL on C continued indirectly through the language B, which was written by Ken Thompson in 1970 at Bell Labs. BCPL and B are "type less" languages whereas C provides a variety of data types.

In 1972 Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs writes C and in 1978 the publication of The C Programming Language by Kernighan & Ritchie caused a revolution in the computing world.

C is one of the most widely used programming languages of all time and C compilers are available for the majority of available computer architectures and operating systems.

Many later languages have borrowed directly or indirectly from C, including D, Go, Rust, Java, JavaScript, Limbo, LPC, C#, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Verilog, and Unix's C shell. These languages have drawn many of their control structures and other basic features from C. 

Almost all universities have included C language in the curriculum of graduate and post graduate programmes in computer science. This page will help the students to get an overview of C programming language and to get a practical knowledge in C by sharing some examples which may useful in the lab sessions of programmes like MCA, BCA, Msc., BSc, BTech, Dimploma, Post Graduate Diploma, etc.

We wish to share some tips, thoughts, ideas and sample programs written in C which will be useful for computer science students, teachers and anyone who is interested in programming.


C Program to check Leap Year
C Program to Check a number is prime or composite
C Function to compare two strings
C Function to find out length of string
C Program to merge two sorted arrays
C Program for binary searching
C Program for generating fibonacci series
C program to check if a given matrix is a sparse matrix or not
C Program to implement a Queue using array
C Program to implement stack using array
C Program to check whether an array is sorted or not
C Program to Insert an element in an array
C Program to check Amicable Numbers
C Function to compare two strings
C Function to find out the length of a string
C Program to merge two sorted arrays
C Program for Binary Searching
C Program for Quick Sorting
C Program for Insertion Sorting
C Program for Bubble Sorting
C Program to reverse a number 

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