Monday 15 December 2014

Google translator introduces Malayalam

Google has added translation service for Malayalam language also. Using this facility you can translate text from all other language supported by google translator to Malayalam and vice versa. . Google provides this facility in their site . I t will be an easiest tool to learn languages .

It help you to type either in Malayalam or in another language and translate it. It allows the user to contribute their own translations to improve the output.

TCExam - an Open Source Computer-Based Assessment system

TCExam is an Open Source system for electronic exams (also know as CBA - Computer-Based Assessment, CBT - Computer-Based Testing or e-exam) that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on quizzes, tests and exams. It is developed and supported by LTD

Following are the features of TCExam
  •     Open Source Software
  •     Community support
  •     Platform Independent
  •     No expensive hardware requirements
  •     Internationalization (I18N)
  •     Accessibility and Usability
  •     Data Import and Export
  •     Rich Content
  •     Unique test
  •     Paper Testing with Optical Character Recognition (OMR)
It is developed using PHP for scripting and MySQL / PostgreSQL as back-end database server. Its simple and interactive installation script will provide a wizard for easy installation. It can be setup on  XAMPP, WAMP or MAMP,  or you can configure after setting up either Apache web server  or Microsoft's IIS, and MySQL or PostgreSQL server on your system.

 TCExam and  required software can be downloaded by following the links